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How Ambler Savings Bank Invests In Our Communities

By Thomas F. Keenan, Chief Financial Officer
May 27, 2021

Opening an account with Ambler Savings Bank is an investment in your community. Helping to build stronger communities is an integral part of our business. We reinvest local dollars in the form of charitable donations, event sponsorships, and lending - building connections and growth. Ambler Savings Bank uses the relationship banking model in how we conduct business; one customer, one deposit, one loan, and one donation at a time.

When we say we give locally we mean it.

Dollars stay in the towns we serve and go to organizations that help to make our communities better. In the last few years, we have donated approximately 7% of our after-tax profits to organizations within our communities and over the years we have contributed to more than 250 organizations, programs, and events.

In 2020, we launched our Matching Grant Program, offering nonprofits a dollar-for-dollar matching gift for funds raised up to $5,000. We specifically look for organizations meeting needs that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, like Clarifi, who provides financial counseling and literacy programming. To date, we have helped four organizations raise over $60,000 through this initiative!

In 2021, we started an employee matching gift program. Employees who donate to local causes that are important to them are able to submit the organization to the Bank for a matching gift up to $200 per year, per employee.

Our giving is mission based.

We truly believe that giving is more important than simply raising our public profile. Our actions are deeply tied to our mission. As such, we have developed categories to guide our decision making. A majority of our donation dollars go to organizations that support the following:

- Education & Youth Development
- Quality of Life
- Affordable Housing

Our giving gets personal.

It’s encouraged that our trustees, officers and employees participate in local service organizations and non-profits – not just sign a check.Variety Club Blog Image

As a long time member and treasurer of the Ambler Kiwanis Club, their motto, “improving the world one child and one community at a time,” is one that has stuck with me over the years and is worth emulating. Also, as a long time member and treasurer of the Ambler Junior Baseball, with the support of Ambler Savings Bank, we have helped provided healthy recreational programs and athletic opportunities to the youth of Ambler and surrounding communities.

When I look back at involvement with organizations like The Variety Club Camp, an organization that supports children with special needs and disabilities, I feel we are making a difference. By going to events and participating on boards, it gives you a window into the true impact that we are supporting in the lives of people who live in our communities.

Our lending decisions are local decisions.

When applying for a loan at Ambler Savings Bank, decisions are made here, not phoned or scanned to another state, like is done at larger banks. Origination of loans is done right here in Ambler too. We pride ourselves on helping businesses find banking solutions that meet their needs and are dedicated partners, not just collectors that only show up when payments are due.

Supporting small business, keeps us in business.

We take a special interest in small business owners that come to us for accounts and loans, as they are often the ones that build a foundation for success on our main streets. Living in Ambler myself, it’s a great position to be in when you get to have a hand in supporting what’s going on in town. When you work with Ambler Savings Bank, the speed and quality of the loan approval process is unlike our competitor big banks. Our team takes time to understand the needs and questions that can be unique to folks in the startup phase and may need sound direction on the financial aspects.

It is a great feeling of accomplishment when you and your bank are both invested in the same place, improving the economic outlook for yourself, your bank, and your entire community all at once.

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