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Frequently Asked Questions



  • What are your branch hours?
    Visit our Branch and ATM Locator for the hours, address, and phone number of the Ambler Savings Bank nearest you.
  • How do I reorder checks?
    You can reorder checks by calling Ambler Savings Bank at 215.646.8400 or 866.272.4550, or by visiting the Ambler Savings Bank nearest you
  • How do I open an account?
    Stop into your local Ambler Savings Bank branch and speak to a Customer Service Representative.
  • How do I change my address?
    Stop by your local Ambler Savings Bank branch to request a change of address form.
  • What are your savings and loan rates?
    Our current rates can be found on our Rates page. For more questions about savings or loan products, call Ambler Savings Bank at 215.646.8400 or 866.272.4550.
  • What is Ambler Savings Bank’s routing number?
    The routing number for Ambler Savings Bank is 23-1371634.
  • I am planning on traveling outside the United States, will my ATM or debit card work?
    If you are planning on traveling outside of the United States, to ensure the security of your account, we ask that you call your local Ambler Savings Bank to let us know. We’ll make sure you can use your ATM or debit card without interruptions during your travels. It’s just one of the many ways we protect our customers from ATM and debit card fraud.


  • How do I sign up for Free Bank-by-Phone?
    There is no application to use the Free Bank-by-Phone service. Simply dial 888.282.8401 and you will be guided through the process for each account.
  • I have forgotten my PIN number for the Bank-by-Phone service. How can I get a new one?
    You can contact us online,  call Ambler Savings Bank at 215.646.8400 or 866.272.4550, or by visiting the Ambler Savings Bank branch nearest you and we will reset your PIN.

Online Banking & Bill Pay

  • How do I enroll in Ambler Savings Bank’s Online Banking and Online Bill Pay?
    From our homepage, click Enroll Now and have your checking or savings account information ready. You will be directed to our Enrollment form. Fill in all required personal identification and account information without dashes or spaces between numbers.

    During the Online Banking registration, the system verifies your customer information with a consumer credit reporting agency for your security and protection. This verification process does not affect your credit report or credit rating. During this verification process, you will be asked several questions to help verify your identity. These questions are based on the information contained in your credit report. Answering these questions further protects you from fraud and identity theft.
  • I have forgotten my password for Online Banking. How can I get a new one?
    After you have entered your correct Access ID and incorrect password, you will be given the option of clicking “Did you forget your password”. A new password will be generated and e-mailed to you. You will be required to change your password after you successfully login. If you become locked out of your account, call Ambler Savings Bank at 215.646.8400 or 866.272.4550 to have the password reset for you by a customer service representative.

Text Banking

  • What is Text Banking?
    Text Banking allows you to get account information from a mobile phone through text commands. You can get account balances, recent transactions and find the closest ATM and branch.
  • How do I enroll in Text Banking?
    Sign up for Text Banking under "Profile" in Online Banking. Choose "Manage my Devices" from the list and then select "Change my Mobile Banking Services" from the drop down list. From the next page you can add, or remove, Text Banking.
  • How much does Text Banking cost?
    Ambler Savings Bank does not charge a fee for you to use our Text Banking service. However, message and data rates may apply.
  • What is the number/short code I should send text commands to?
    The Text Banking short code number is 48179.
  • What are the Text Banking commands?
      Text Banking Commands
    Text to 48179 We will send you...
    BAL The available balance for all of your checking and savings accounts.
    HIST + shortname Transaction history for the account shortname specified. The shortname will be a three character code (SIG, CKG, SAV) plus the last 4 digits of your account number.
    Example: HIST CKG1234
    ATM + zip code Nearby ATMs based on the 5 digit zip code.
    Example: ATM 54321
    BRANCH+ zip code Nearby branches based on the 5 digit zip code.
    Example: BRANCH 54321
    CMD A text message listing all valid Text Banking commands.
    HELP Contact information.
    STOP Stop your Text Banking Service.

    Message and data rates may apply.

Mobile Banking

  • Will I be able to access all of my accounts using Mobile Banking?
    Mobile Banking allows you to access all accounts that you currently view within Free Online Banking.
  • Is there a fee for Mobile Banking?
    Ambler Savings Bank does not charge for our Mobile Banking service. However message and data rates may apply as your mobile carrier may charge a fee for internet access and/or text messages.
  • What mobile devices are supported for Mobile Banking?
    Ambler Savings Bank's Mobile Banking app is optimized for iPhone and Android mobile devices.
  • Can someone access my Mobile Banking accounts if I lose my phone?
    Because we require a User ID and password, and no information is stored on your mobile device, your information is safe.

What if I have other questions?

If you have further questions, please Contact Us or call us at 215.646.8400 or 866.272.4550.


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