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Ambler Savings Bank cares about the health and safety of our employees, and the customers and communities we serve. We understand the significant impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on many of our consumer and small business customers. We continue to work with those impacted, providing a variety of solutions that make the most sense for meeting their particular needs. We are all in this together and we are here to help.

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Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 and Supporting our Employees

To protect the health and safety of our customers and employees, and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, we have taken the following precautionary measures:

  • We have increased the frequency of disinfecting our facilities, our drive-thru stations and our ATMs.
  • We have made hand sanitizer and gloves available to employees.
  • We have provided our employees with helpful information and procedures recommended by the CDC to protect themselves and those around them.
  • Most importantly, we have instructed our employees to stay home if they don’t feel well.
  • We have maintained all critical functions of our operations while limiting the number of employees working at the same locations at the same times by utilizing remote capabilities, as well as staggered working hours.
  • We have remained sensitive and supportive to our employees with special health concerns and those that are caring for children or older relatives.
  • We have continued to pay all of our employees their regular salaries and have not laid off any employees during these difficult times.

Visit our News and Events for letters from our President regarding COVID-19 updates for our customers.

Branch Access, Drive-Thru Service, and ATMs

The safety and well-being of our customers, employees and communities remains our top priority, while continuing to serve you with as minimal disruption as possible. While our branch lobbies are open, we continue to promote social distancing and have established protocols to follow when visiting our branch offices.  

  • Masks and Facial Coverings: All employees will wear masks while serving customers and in common areas. We ask that all customers wear masks when entering our branch offices. For everyone’s safety, we may ask you to briefly pull down your mask to properly identify you.
  • Social Distancing: All employees will exercise social distancing, keeping six feet apart from others whenever possible. In order to ensure we do not exceed the maximum occupancy of our branch offices, we may temporarily restrict your access until other customers have left. We ask that all visitors exercise social distancing and have placed conspicuous signs and marks on the floor to guide this process. We have installed plexiglass barriers along our teller lines and at customer service desks.
  • Cleaning: Throughout this pandemic concern, we have heightened both the frequency and intensity of our cleaning service focusing on high touch surface areas. Our employees are encouraged to wash their hands often and thoroughly, and we have made hand sanitizer readily available for all employees and customers.

Visit Locations for addresses of our branch offices.

Drive-Thru Service

Drive-thru stations are a convenient and safe way to do your banking during this pandemic. Our drive-thru stations are available at each of our branch offices and are open during normal business hours. 


ATMs are available 24/7 at each of our branch offices for cash withdrawals and to check balances.


Bank at Home 24/7 with our Digital Solutions

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to be a risk, we strongly recommend that you leverage all of our available tools and resources for self-service banking and 24/7 account access through our online, mobile and telephone banking services.

Through these channels, you can:

  • Check balances and account activity
  • Schedule and track bill payments
  • Transfer money between your Ambler Savings Bank accounts
  • Sign up and retrieve eStatements
  • View up to 24 months of account history
  • Send and receive money with people you know and trust in the US using Zelle®
  • Deposit checks with our mobile app
  • and much more...

Visit Online Banking and Mobile Banking for more details.


Personal Customers with Financial Hardships

During these challenging times, we are taking additional steps to support and protect your financial well-being. To help those customers who are experiencing financial hardships due to sickness or workplace closures as a result of COVID-19, we are offering the following support:

Deposit Accounts

Ambler Savings Bank is prepared to assist those directly impacted customers by waiving or refunding certain fees associated with deposit accounts such as monthly service charges, overdraft fees and early withdrawal penalties on certificates of deposit. Contact your local branch office and we will work with you directly.

Loans and Lines of Credit

If you are unable to make your loan payment, we may have options to help you navigate this unprecedented time. Specifically, we will consider assisting those impacted customers by waiving or refunding fees associated with lending products. If you are concerned about making your loan payments, we have a variety of programs available to assist you. Solutions may include the ability to postpone payments for a period with no late fees during the postponement period.

We appreciate your business and hope that our customers who require assistance during this difficult time will contact us so that we can determine how best to help. Please contact our Lending Department at 215-646-8400 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.


Prevent COVID-19-Related Scams and Fraud

Ambler Savings Bank is always focused on the security of our customers and their accounts – this situation is no different. It is unfortunate that in times like these there are individuals or organizations who would take advantage of those in need or those who are trying to help. But that is exactly what is happening. The coronavirus has provided fuel for cyber criminals to prey upon the public’s concern about this global crisis. Recent scams are designed to trick people into sending money, to disclose personal information or to click on emails and websites that deliver computer malware onto your computer or network. Do not take the bait. Be alert to phishing emails, fraudulent text messages and other coronavirus-related scams, which may include:

  • Impersonating a representative of a bank or other financial institution providing or requesting information about your account.
  • Seeking donations for charitable causes related to the virus.
  • Impersonating a legitimate medical or health organization selling products that claim to prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure coronavirus.
  • Posing as an in-demand medical supply company offering to sell hard-to-find medical supplies to protect against the virus.
  • Taking advantage of the recent increase in work-at-home arrangements by impersonating legitimate business correspondence.
  • Posing as a government organization claiming to provide information about the coronavirus, such as heat maps or infographics.

Ambler Savings Bank will never ask you to verify your personal account information over the phone or via text or e-mail message if we initiated the call or message as we already have that on file. If you receive a phone call, test or e-mail asking you to verify such information, don't respond. Instead, contact us using the numbers on our website. For additional security information visit our Security Center.


FDIC FAQ for Bank Customers

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) continues to work with federal and state banking agencies, as well as financial institutions to consider all reasonable and prudent steps to assist customers in communities affected by the COVID-19. In addition, the agency is monitoring information issued by international and U.S. health organizations.

As the economic impact from COVID-19 continues to be felt, many in our community are concerned about their financial situation, which may include wondering about the safety of the money in their checking and savings accounts. As a member of the FDIC, Ambler Savings Bank accounts are backed by the federal government. The FDIC is proud to note that since its founding 1933, in response to the Great Depression, no depositor has ever lost a single cent of insured funds. Even in these uncertain times, the agency confirms that FDIC-insured funds are as safe as ever. To help you better understand the value of your FDIC-insured accounts, the FDIC has provided answers to some of its most common questions: FDIC FAQ for Bank Customers.


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