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Ambler Savings Bank’s 24/7 Bank-By-Phone

We understand that you’re busy and always on the go and want to make accessing and managing your accounts easy. With Ambler Savings Bank’s 24/7 Bank-by-Phone, you can access your accounts from any touch tone phone, making it easy to check balances, transfer funds between your Ambler Savings Bank accounts, even check rates on our savings and loan products.

All you need is a touch tone telephone and dial the following phone number – it’s that easy!

  • 888-282-8401

Directory of Services

  • 1 - For account information
  • 2 - To report your ATM/Debit card lost or stolen
  • 3 - To transfer funds
  • 4 - To change your personal identification number
  • 9 - To listen to the menu again
  • 0 - To speak with a customer service representative

PIN Numbers:

For your Initial PIN (Personal Identification Number), you will be automatically guided through the process for each account.


I understand that I may use the 24/7 Bank-By-Phone to: (1) transfer money to or from my Ambler Savings Bank accounts (accounts must have the same social security number), (2) receive information regarding the balance of my account(s), (3) inquire for interest earned on my account(s), (4) inquire on my most recent deposits, checks cleared and withdrawals. I acknowledge that the PIN which I use for access to the 24/7 Bank-By-Phone is my signature, which identifies, authenticates and validates the direction given, just as my actual signature and other proof identify me, authenticate and validate my direction to a human teller. I agree to take all reasonable precautions that no one else learns my PIN.

Liability for Unauthorized Transactions:

I agree to contact the Ambler Savings Bank at once if I forget my PIN number or give my PIN number to someone else to use, or, if a transaction occurs on my account(s) that I did not make. I also agree that, if my monthly statement shows transactions which I did not make, I must notify the Bank within sixty (60) days after the statement was mailed to me, or I may not get back any funds lost after that time. I agree that if I give my PIN number to someone else to use, I am authorizing them to act on my behalf and I will be responsible for any transactions made by them.

This disclosure is formal notification of my rights under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.